Projekt.DK Manifesto

The purpose with the Projekt.DK Manifesto is to convey our mindset, beliefs and values. A fruitful cooperation starts with a mental contract.

We have come to value ..

Sustainable improvements through involvement and action 


Lecturing some (silver-bullet) framework / model 

Teams of Missionaries, empowered to discover solutions to (hard) business / customer problems


Teams of Mercenaries asked to implement a given solution

Being Effective doing the right things, that creates value for the customer and works for our business


Being Efficient producing output that the customer might not value

Small and frequent Bets

    • metered funding
    • small and frequent deliveries

Innovation is only expensive if you use traditional business planning to make investment decisions. Innovation, when done right, is about making small bets, testing ideas cheaply and quickly to identify the winners in which you then invest more resources.

Tendayi Viki, Pirates In The Navy: How Innovators Lead Transformation


Big and infrequent Bets

    • big up-front Business Case with full NPV calculation
    • infrequent big deliveries

Leading with Context


Leading with (Command &) Control

Frequent assumption tests with small course corrections


Infrequent assumption tests with (potentially) big course corrections

Interaction directly with the real customer


Interaction via proxy

Light prescription

Trust in people being able to use and develop a versatile Toolbox with only a Minimum Viable level of process prescription


Heavy prescription

Distrust in people with heavy process prescription and a strict waiver policy

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