Why Projekt.DK?

Our mission is to serve European, primarily Danish, high-tech multidisciplinary product companies becoming among the best in terms of customer centricity, product innovation and flexible production.

Our Customer

Customer Profile

This is our current hypothesis on customers that we aim to serve … yes hypothesis … because we’re learning new insights with every customer interaction.

Our Value Proposition

Capacity - competences

We in Projekt.DK believe that you as our customer will benefit the most, having us act in the middle between the two extremes, because

    • having us “only” do the actual job (e.g., act as an interim project manager) will make you dependent on us, because we’re taking the gained knowledge / experience with us out the door when we leave
    • having us “only” lecture / run workshops / do training will not integrate the theory effectively in your organization at an operational level

You’ll thus benefit the most, having us as an acting coach. We’ll support you getting the job done, and at the same time ensure that your people expand competences, being able to maintain momentum, when we’re leaving.

Project - Product mindset

It is our experience that many high-tech companies (at least in Denmark) are on the move from a very traditional approach to Product Development using a Project / Mercenary Mindset, towards a modern approach based on a Product / Missionary Mindset

The aim is to achieve the same customer centricity, pace of innovation and flexible production as seen among the world’s best high-tech product-led companies (e.g., Amazon & Tesla). 

Our mission is to serve our customers in this challenging transformation with a deep insight and experience from both mindsets, meeting our customer in their specific context.

Effective - Efficient

We in Projekt.DK often experience, that customers have solid technical competences in place, enabling EFFICIENCY in the implementation of a solution.

The challenge is often the ability to identify the right things to do – being EFFECTIVE. What good is it with a high degree of efficiency to produce product features, that do not meet the customers Gains or Pains?

All companies should strive for excellence in both Effectiveness and Efficiency, but we believe in Projekt.DK, that being Effective is relatively more important than being Efficient.

Friction vs Flow

It is possible to grow big – very big – without an exploding bureaucracy. Amazon & Tesla are examples of that. They seem to be the exception to the general rule: Growth equals increased bureaucracy and impede ability to move fast.

This bureaucracy is often an attempt to manage growing internal dependencies

We in Projekt.DK help you getting free from this bureaucracy gravitational field using two focus areas: Decompose and Encapsulate to achieve Flow.

Prescription vs Trust

You of course need to be in control of projects – the alternative would be, not being in control. Being in control is not (necessarily) the same as being bureaucratic.

Some organizations equals the need for control with strict process prescription. Others trust the teams to pick relevant elements from the toolbox, given the context.

We in Projekt.DK acknowledge that some processes need to be mandatory, but only at a Minimum Viable level. We also believe in trusting and empowering teams in the quest for high-paced innovation. 

Dogmatic vs non-Dogmatic

Though we value an updated understanding of the various frameworks and models, we see these as part of our toolbox. You’ll never hear us promote a given framework / model in itself.

It is fundamental for us to understand your business context, and suggest relevant elements from the toolbox – never the other way around.

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Use us again, because we provided you with a lasting outcome and expanded competences – not because you’ve grown dependent on us.


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